Split & Glued By Vincent C. Marinaro

Written by Bill Harms & Tom Whittle
Foreword by Hoagy B. Carmichael
Illustrations by Kim Mellema

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"Split & Glued By Vincent C. Marinaro" is the inscription Vince put on each of his fly rods and serves as the title for this new work. Harms and Whittle analyze Marinaro’s rods and account for his path to becoming a maker of bamboo fly rods--his design criteria and building practices.
Vince Marinaro has long been acclaimed as one of Pennsylvania’s most influential fly-fishermen and authors--a career that was both extensive and varied. In addition to presenting local lore within the Cumberland Valley, Harms and Whittle connect Marinaro’s life and times to the larger world of fly-fishing and the history of bamboo rod-making.
This publication was prepared by the authors in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum  Association and the Marinaro Estate, with a portion of the proceeds to be returned to benefit the museum.
8½" x 11" format, full-color throughout,  approximately 300 pages 11 original paintings,  225 photographs,  50 drawings, plus charts of all Marinaro’s rod tapers.

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